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SMITH/Associates advises and assists clients in solving technical challenges, especially for programs in transition. Our entrepreneurship and adaptability enables us to find experts and specialists in an array of fields. We maintain a team of professional consultants who possess required technical and functional skills and have natural talent and specific training in workplace collaboration. Clients choose SMITH/Associates’ consulting services not only for our high-caliber staff, but also to gain small, woman-owned business credit for the full range of support we provide.

Force Multipliers

For Government Agencies that need targeted support in the United States and overseas, e.g. Germany, UK, Italy, Portugal and Korea, SMITH/Associates provides:

  • Quick, convenient access to capable professionals
  • Specialized collaboration expertise
  • Small business utilization credits

Recruiting Services

Whether you need 1 or 100 positions filled, trust us to leverage our high-caliber recruiting network to source, screen, and select your ideal candidates. Unlike temporary agencies, SMITH/Associates is a long-term partner with responsive business processes and global outreach capabilities.



SITUATION: An existing client in San Antonio, Texas, was having a difficult time finding a bioenvironmental engineer with Air Force and operational health experience who was willing to relocate to San Antonio. Of course, their timeframe was immediate.

ACTION: We tapped into our professional network, did some old-fashioned investigative research, and sourced eight candidates. We conducted initial interviews, coordinated final candidate interviews, and arranged all aspects of an immediate cross-country relocation for the candidate and his family.

RESULT: Our consultant was such a great fit for the position that he was retained when the project budget was cut and staffing was significantly reduced.

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