Public Relations

Public Relations

SMITH/Associates professionals develop methods and approaches to convey complex information in an understandable fashion.

SMITH/Associates provides public affairs and strategic risk communication support to Federal and private agencies including the Air Force Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC) and Air Force Environmental Restoration Programs.

Our personnel conduct iterative stakeholder analyses and prepare strategic risk communication plans. We provide risk communication consultation and training and apply risk communication strategy for the development of public outreach initiatives and materials.

SMITH/Associates personnel facilitate interactions between DoD and the public and convey scientific environmental restoration information and technical issues in a language that the public can easily understand. As part of this support we facilitate community outreach events including technical presentations and facilitate interactions between DoD installations and regulatory agencies.

SMITH/Associates was chosen to provide this work based on our history of outstanding knowledge, service and support in dealing with contentious, complex and highly visible community engagement and partnering issues.

SMITH/Associates professionals will:

  • Utilize strategic messaging to plan and implement tailored communication campaigns, including parallel internal and external message creation
  • Ensure protocol and messaging is consistent throughout all outreach messages and materials
  • Employ care, communication and crisis approaches to risk communication in order to reduce community outrage and provide factual and comprehensible information on relevant hazards
  • Manage events to successfully implement stakeholder and media outreach activities
  • Develop supporting collateral and provide risk communication methodology that aligns with and supports your mission.