Advisory & Assistance Services

SMITH/Associates LLC provides Advisory & Assistance Services to support DoD and other government agencies across the globe.

Our experts are able to work as part of a team in a dynamic changing environment. Utilizing leading-edge technologies, we assist in strategic planning, project management, policy development and decision making.

Advisory and Assistance Services is defined as identifying services acquired by contract from non-governmental sources to support or improve organization policy development, decision making, management and administration; support program and/or project management and administration; provide management and support services for Research & Development (R&D) activities; provide engineering and technical support services; or improve the effectiveness of management processes or procedures.

These services may take the form of information, advice, alternatives, analyses, evaluations, recommendations, training, or technical support. They also include interagency agreements for advisory and assistance services.

What to expect from SMITH/Associates:
• Quick, convenient access to capable consultants
• Specialized collaboration expertise
• Small business utilization credits
• Leadership/onsite management
• Quality service and deliverables
• Development and implementation of project execution plans
• Complete understanding of goals
• Maintaining a safe working environment
• Maintaining a sound and respectful client relationship
• Understanding and implementing YOUR policies and procedures