Project Details

Project Details

University of Oklahoma Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium Partnering

Project Description

The design and construction of renovations to the University of Oklahoma Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium is a $370 million dollar project involving not only design and construction professionals, consultants, and senior university personnel, but also representatives of critical donor groups and organizations. The partnering meeting involved 51 participants from eleven stakeholder groups, and required multiple pre-partnering interviews and conferences.

The stadium is at the center of a major NCAA Division I athletic program with a long and enviable history of successes, championships, and ardent fans and supporters. It receives ongoing national television coverage and is a critical element of the university’s recruitment and fundraising efforts.

This project will span 18 months of demolition, design, and reconstruction yet must remain usable through the next football season. It will be accomplished in a highly confined space with a daily flow of more than 30,000 students and staff and seven weekends welcoming 100,000 plus.

Complexities of the Work

The Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium partnering effort is now well underway and is guided by a commitment to “crafting a landmark facility which provides a memorable experience for fans, students, and student athletes.”

This targeted outcome will require the meeting of partnering goals including a safe environment, appropriate urgency, fiscal responsibility, transparency and open communication, well managed expectations, stakeholder equity, and a commitment to building and sustaining relationships. Tools for meeting these goals included a tiered strategy for expedited decision making, action planning for high priority issues, a format for continuing follow up and a signed partnering agreement listing affirming team goals. Dr. Smith led this partnering effort. The project is on budget and slightly ahead of schedule.

The SMITH team has made many contributions to the Flintco’s Partnering Program. They were instrumental in opening the lines of communication with the first time clients, architects and consultants on our projects. Their partnering philosophy fostered a pride in teamwork between all parties of the project and creates a win-win situation.

Ronnie Peace

Vice President, Management Operations, Flintco, LLC