Project Details

Project Details

Professional Housing Management Association/Development Seminar and Housing Professionals Focused Workshop

Project Description

SMITH/Associates has supported the United States Air Force’s (USAF) participation in the Professional Housing Management Association – Professional Development Seminar (PHMA-PDS) for the last seven years by providing brand, message and theme development and conference planning, management and execution support. PHMA-PDS is designed to provide over 500 housing professionals and leaders from across the Air Force an opportunity to celebrate the many successes of the Air Force’s housing program and reaffirm their commitment to providing quality housing. This project requires formulating a brand and then ensuring the brand consistently flows through all outreach materials and deliverables as well as conference and event materials. SMITH/Associates creates numerous products to communicate the identified message and the theme to all Air Force Housing professional attendees.

Complexities of the Work

In support of PHMA-PDS, SMITH/Associates creates innovative marketing initiatives aimed at specific key conference attendees to garner interest and attendance at this event. As event coordinators, SMITH assists in identifying, touring, and selecting meeting facilities and other venues for the event. Selecting a theme that supports the purpose and goals of the conference and incorporating that theme into agendas, programs, and outreach materials are some of the primary responsibilities for SMITH event coordinators. SMITH personnel also coordinate all aspects of logistical and meeting support for Distinguished Visitors and Guests including General Officers and Senior Executive Service personnel.

SMITH personnel directly support venue and site selection for the annual Air Force Awards Reception, an exciting and highly anticipated PHMA-PDS capstone event. This reception is held to recognize select professionals for their outstanding contributions, and for going above and beyond what is expected of them in providing quality customer service to the Air Force’s airmen and families. SMITH spends time researching many quality venues to hold the reception while tying in the selected city’s cultural aspects to ensure a themed, unique and memorable event. SMITH coordinates with the venue directly throughout the planning process to ensure clients’ wants and needs are met regarding food and beverage, room décor, entertainment, speakers, invitations, and awards. SMITH provides all pre- and post-logistics for this sub-event of PHMA-PDS, including onsite support and after-action reviews and assessment summaries.

SMITH/Associates coordinates all food, beverage and meeting requirements with the conference facility for the weeklong PHMA-PDS conference. Our staff determine sufficient meeting room size and layout and desired set-up of audio visual and other supporting equipment. Various luncheons, dinners and breaks are held during the week of PHMA-PDS and SMITH is responsible for arranging and ensuring all requirements are met. SMITH negotiates contracts with all vendors and tracks invoices and expenses in order to ensure strict budget adherence. 100% of attendees at the most recent event indicated that they found the workshop to be beneficial and over 94% rated the SMITH developed handout materials as excellent or outstanding.

During the two day PHMA-PDS Trade Expo, SMITH/Associates coordinates and oversees the design and theme of the Air Force housing information booth. Graphics are an integral part of the booth at the trade expo and SMITH coordinates the design and branding and ensures the Air Force’s message is clearly integrated in all booth-related materials. The booth is often an interactive representation of Air Force housing professionals and their responsive customer service skills. SMITH/Associates provides all logistics for the trade expo (overseeing graphics of the booth, set-up and tear down, welcoming visitors to the booth, creating interactive activities, etc.).

Throughout all planning stages of PHMA-PDS, SMITH develops numerous products such as posters, signs, brochures, and other materials to communicate key messages to Air Force attendees. The event coordinators assemble and deliver materials packages, including agendas, speaker biographies, calendars of events, and other pertinent materials to each attendee.

During the Air Force Service Day, SMITH/Associates provides direct event support by recruiting speakers and coordinating all aspects of their attendance and participation. SMITH assists presenters in the design and content of briefings and other related materials. Upon the completion of PHMA-PDS, SMITH coordinates the dissemination of all Air Force Service Day briefings and presentations to the conference attendees.

From beginning to end, SMITH/Associates coordinates regular conference calls and meetings with the clients by providing an audio conference call service and disseminating call-in details to meeting participants. Event coordinators facilitate the calls and discuss in detail, the ever-changing work plan to ensure tasks are completed by the target dates. After each conference call, SMITH adjusts and updates the work plan accordingly and sends updates to all meeting participants for reference. SMITH communicates fast-approaching deadlines to the clients and monitors the work plan daily.

SMITH/Associates provides on-site meeting management support each year for PHMA-PDS and works closely with the clients to ensure a seamless event. Our staff record and distribute meeting minutes, summaries, and meeting action items. Following conference completion, SMITH prepares an extensive after-action and lessons learned report for the clients who then distribute them to key Department of Defense Senior Leadership. With these final and tremendously imperative tasks, SMITH develops and disseminates event evaluations and surveys to all Air Force Housing professionals who attended PHMA-PDS. Once the results are collected, SMITH event coordinators analyze and assemble the information into one large summary report with tables, charts and pictures of all outreach materials.

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