About Us

SMITH/Associates LLC provides highly skilled professionals to work with your team, utilizing emerging technologies to achieve enhanced, measurable results.

More than 20 years ago, SMITH began as a sole proprietorship focused primarily on facilitating partnering sessions associated with large, complex projects. Our focus on helping clients work better together drew us into more integrated consulting and problem solving services. More recently, our entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability enabled us to expand our services to include geospatial services and customized programming to meet clients’ emergent needs.

Our Story

SMITH/Associates was founded in 1994 by David and Patti Smith to help people and organizations work together better by building and strengthening relationships. Our team of highly qualified professionals possess skills a wide range of disciplines including Advisory & Assistance, GIS, Environmental Consulting, Public Affairs, Housing Assistance, and General Program Management and Performance Analysis. SMITH/Associates is committed to working with our clients and the community to provide opportunities for creating solid working teams and sharing information.

With over 20 years of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of advisory and assistance services and cultivated an extensive global network. Combining this operational understanding with our small business sense of urgency, we offer strategic solutions including teaming with some the best specialty firms the country has to offer. Our recent success stands in large part on our ability to work well as a team player with clients and other companies.

Effective, proactive communications is at the heart of SMITH/Associates’ service offering.

We focus on recognizing both the technical and perceptual issues surrounding a subject and tailoring a simple, yet comprehensive message to a diverse audience. SMITH/Associates provides expertise in the communication process and expertise in the understanding of complex human relationships. Our experience with public outreach allows us to utilize strategic communications to plan and execute campaigns tailored to target audiences, and to understand strategic guidance to ensure military and civilian public affairs protocol and messaging is consistent.


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