Program Performance

Program Performance

SMITH/Associates has earned consistently high ratings because of our commitment to achieving enhanced, measurable results.

The success of every project depends on providing a framework for measuring, tracking and improving program performance.

Our consistently high ratings reflect our commitment to quality control and quality assurance. This support requires a thorough understanding of the relationships between functions, core processes, and tools in a diverse range of environments.

By clearly communicating the targeted outcome of each project to all stakeholders, SMITH/Associates delivers cost and schedule analysis, project status reports, and recommendations for performance improvement or corrective measures to recover from schedule lapses and cost overruns.

SMITH/Associates professionals will:

    • Determine key Program Performance indicators
    • Review assessed functional and technical accuracy/completeness, and compliance with applicable regulations
    • Coordinate closely with all stakeholders regarding project requirements, environmental requirements, host nation requirements, funding status, and other project metrics
    • Create and maintain databases for project tracking and documentation
    • Perform technical reviews to include site data, analytical data, and reports
    • Assist Government personnel in performing QA/QC oversight of non-GEITA 11 contractor project field activities
    • Incorporate lessons learned from recent similar projects