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Public Outreach

Public Outreach requires a complex understanding of relationships and communication processes. We recognize risk communication involves both technical and perceptual issues. Our approach is based upon an uncommon mix of technical competence and empathic communication abilities. SMITH/Associates will develop community relations plans, design communication plans, produce fact sheets, prepare newsletters, issue public service announcements, organize public meetings, record meeting minutes, solicit and analyze public comments, host bilingual public information hotline, develop signs, and provide training.

The goal of Public Outreach is to increase public awareness of an issue or process, involve those who are interested, and generate interest in those who are not involved. Effective, proactive outreach requires recognizing both the technical and perceptual issues surrounding a subject and tailoring a simple, yet comprehensive message to a diverse audience.

We have provided public outreach support for over 30 Air Force and Army installations and other federal agency activities. Our experience with public outreach has allowed us to recognize that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to communication and message dissemination is neither realistic, nor appropriate. Today’s messages are more complex and audiences are more diverse. In addition, traditional stakeholder and venue concepts such as public meetings are no longer the most appropriate concepts.

SMITH/Associates Offers a Full Range of Public Outreach Services

At SMITH/Associates we:

  • Utilize Strategic Communications to plan and implement communication campaigns tailored to target audiences; parallel internal/external message creation; develop multi-media products; execute media relations plans; tailor communication methods and venues in order to convey complex information in an understandable fashion
  • Understand Strategic Guidance to ensure Military and Civilian Public Affairs Protocol and messaging is consistent throughout all outreach messages and materials
  • Employ care, communication, and crisis management approaches to risk communication in order to reduce community outrage and provide factual information on relevant hazards
  • Manage events to successfully implement stakeholder and media outreach activities; develop supporting communications materials; seamless delivery of all aspects of meeting management support to ensure message is clear and concise
  • Develop web sites with target audience in mind to improve usability and public access to documents; manage content development, maintenance, and timely updates
  • Create materials to spread message including bilingual brochures, fact sheets, newsletters, public service announcements, newspaper ads, briefings, informative posters, maps, exhibit displays, website content, elected official outreach materials, media relations guidance, and community involvement plans

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