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Event Management

Event Management entails making high-profile events run seamlessly. Our seasoned event managers guarantee that every aspect of an event is meticulously managed from identifying the target audience, developing the event concept, and planning the logistics to coordinating the technical aspects before actually executing the event. Actions: develop theme, identify and analyze audience, negotiate venue and vendor contracts, design marketing campaign, produce outreach materials, propose agenda, prepare briefing, determine timeline, manage budget, on-site support, design participant evaluation, distribute and analyze evaluation results, summarize action items, and provide recommendations for future events.

Event Management involves understanding client objectives, identifying target audiences, devising event concepts, planning logistics and coordinating technical aspects in addition to event execution. Providing post-event analysis and ensuring returns on investment are significant elements of Event Management.

SMITH/Associates specialize in the coordination and facilitation of international, national and regional events. These events have ranged from conferences involving 1,000-plus attendees to intimate Board of Directors meetings, all managed with detailed attention to the government clients’ objectives and an assurance of a sufficient return on investment. Our seasoned event managers apply project management methodologies to the creation and development of meetings and events of all shapes and sizes. We have managed and executed over 500 events for clients that involved coordination with various government offices and agencies including the DoD, Environmental Protection Agency, US Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Land Management, the Forest Service, Department of Justice, the National Park Service and numerous other parties.

Green Meeting Management

SMITH/Associates strive to follow Green Meeting Management objectives when possible. Green Meeting Management involves the incorporation of environmental considerations throughout all stages of the meeting in order to minimize negative impact on the environment. Examples of green meetings include online registration, coordination with event facilities to supply recycling containers and posting presentation material to a web site for download instead of supplying paper copies. In addition to protecting the environment, these measures also generate significant cost savings.

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