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Company Overview

Collaborate: col.lab.o.rate (ka-lab’a-rat’) v. To work together in a shared endeavor with pragmatic results.

SMITH/Associates is a woman-owned, small business, collaboration firm. Our services are designed to bring numerous parties with divergent goals and approaches together to achieve enhanced, measurable results. We strive to unite them behind a common vision, enhance their communication capabilities, and develop strong business relationships. Collaboration is the common thread woven throughout our Communications and Staffing Service Offerings.

Over 20 years ago, SMITH/Associates began as a sole proprietorship focused primarily on facilitating partnering sessions associated with large, complex projects. Our entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability enabled us to expand our service offerings to meet clients’ emergent needs. Additional colleagues, clients, and insights have transformed us to today’s SMITH/Associates – a growing collaboration firm.

Over the years, we have encountered numerous quantifiable benefits of collaboration, including, but not limited to reduced cost, improved schedule, and improved quality of products and services. We are most excited, however, by some of the changes we’ve seen in peoples’ lives. As we encounter new clients and learn new methods of working together, frustration has changed to excitement, conflict has become camaraderie, and problems have transformed into worthy challenges. In the final analysis, this is what excites and inspires us. This is why we believe in collaboration. We’ve seen it work in us and in others.

Our Story / History

SMITH/Associates was founded in 1994 by David and Patti Smith to help people and organizations work together better by building and strengthening relationships. SMITH/Associates is a small, woman-owned, San Antonio-based collaboration firm that provides partnering, facilitation, stakeholder relations, community engagement, and public outreach services to numerous governmental and private clients. SMITH/Associates is committed to working with our clients and the community to provide opportunities for creating solid working teams and sharing information.


Patricia Muller-Smith – CEO

David Smith – COO

Frank Muller – Vice President

John Stowers – Vice President Program Analyst


San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce
In 2015, SMITH/Associates became a small business member of the San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce. To learn more about this chamber, please click here.

Military Spouse Employment PartnershipMSEP
In 2013, SMITH/Associates was inducted into the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP). To learn more about this organization, please click here.


Our Associates have extensive backgrounds in
• Community Engagement
• Communication
• Facilitation
and hold advanced degrees and certifications in
• Public Administration
• Conflict Resolution
• Educational Training and Development
• Project Management

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